Saturday, June 15, 2024

Immigration Attorney

An immigration attorney can have many uses for someone during their immigration process.  A question an immigrant should answer is do you want help for one of the largest, life altering decisions you may make in your life?  We say it this way because, admittedly, some immigration cases are simpler than others and is just a matter of publishing the right forms at the right time. But others are more difficult and having some guidance along the way could be beneficial.

Here are some quick outlines where an immigration attorney may come in handy.

Foreign Fiancee/Spouse. If you are in a situation where you are marrying someone from out of the country then it might be worth your while to speak to an immigration lawyer.  With these situations, there is correspondence in the United States as well as with the consulate office in the country of the Fiancee or Spouse.  This process can take some time and you want them done right since you have chosen to share your life with this person and live in the US.  Working with an k1 visa attorney or an immigration lawyer that has experience working with k1 visas or k3 visas is a good idea.

Employment. If you are living outside the US and would like to live and work here then working with an immigration attorney is not a bad idea.  It is possible the employer for whom you will be working may actually pay for these services.  Either way, the process to come here on an employment visa (h1b visa) can get complicated for both you and the employer hiring you.  Like any other visa you will most likely be asked h1b visa interview questions from a consular or USCIS officer.  As a professional you should be prepared for this process and working with an immigration attorney may be the help you need.

Asylum. Political asylum is granted to those that can prove that they are afraid to return to their home country from a well founded fear of persecution or if they can also prove that they have been persecuted in the past.   This can also apply to women who have been abused or have suffered persecution based on sex.  These cases are heard by an asylum officer or immigration judge to determine if you are truly in danger.  Speaking to an immigration lawyer prior to pleading your case may help.  By working with an immigration attorney for your asylum case, you can have the proper plea filed, help explain to the judge or asylum officer your case, and in general be a part of the asylum proceedings.

Permanent Residence and Green Cards. Working with an immigration lawyer on your permanent residence and/or acquisition of a green card could be a big help.  People have busy lives and in general can get caught up in it. The immigration process has a lot of structure followed by a lot of important dates, changes in laws, new forms, etc.  If you are trying to get family members a green card, there are steps you must take, forms to file and a green card interview to attend.  It is certainly possible for anyone to do this themselves, but working with an immigration attorney can give you peace of mind that your case is being handled by a professional.

Immigration Lawyer Services
The services provided by an immigration lawyer are many.  We will just focus on a few to help you get an understanding of what working with an immigration attorney will do for you.

  • They will pre-qualify your case for you to help you understand what services you need and what visa type you should apply for based on your current situation.
  • They will help you organize your file, fill out the right forms and adhere to the dates.
  • They will prepare your file for submission, write cover letters on your behalf and help stay on top of the file.
  • They will keep you informed of any changes in policies, dates, or immigration laws that may impact your immigration.
  • They are a resource for you to ask questions and help you through the overall process to ensure you are sending things to the right place and at the right time.
  • They have experience doing this and can use that experience to advise you to the best of their ability.

Do you need an immigration attorney?  That is only a question you can answer.  Some immigration attorneys will offer a free consultation to discuss your needs.  At a minimum, this is something that could be helpful to you.