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Green Card Lottery

July 9, 2009 by mescalante  
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The Green Card Lottery The Department of State holds a green card diversity lottery with up to 50,000 green cards in the pool.  The goal is to offer green cards to people in countries that do not normally immigrate to the United States in large numbers.  This is regulated by the prior year’s immigration statistics [...]

The final steps of choosing your immigration lawyer

Choosing an immigration lawyer is an important decision. You will be disclosing very personal information and you want to ensure you are working with someone that is both discreet as well as sympathetic to your situation. You are not looking for a bull that is going to cause problems at the USCIS, as these types [...]

How do I find the right Immigration Attorney?

Immigration law is one of the most dynamic in the field. It changes often and has many specializations that you will need to research before settling with an immigration attorney. There are many services available both locally and online, but you will want to see if you can be recommended to an immigration attorney first [...]