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An Immigration attorney can be ideal for those needing guidance

Immigration AttorneyThe Immigration Attorney

Immigration attorneys are most commonly sought after when an applying immigrant is claimed inadmissible by the USCIS or the consulate.  This claim which can stem from one or many reasons can be due to having spent too much time in the US unlawfully, committed a crime or security violations, previously lied to the US, entered the US illegally more than once, and many others.  If this is something that may pertain to you, then finding an immigration lawyer might be the ideal solution.

To be eligible for a green card or US visa, there are many steps to go through and qualifications to meet.  An immigration attorney is important due to their ability to effectively represent your situation to the immigration authorities.  The documentation necessary to support your case and have a smooth immigration process is helped by having an immigration attorney represent you and the supporting documents.  This can be ideal for those efforts of trying to convince the immigration officer that you fled your country because you received death threats, or that you are not getting married for a green card, but for love.  Further an immigration attorney will help put the entire file together by providing those extra details that you may not have; perhaps a relationship with the immigration office, a cover letter summarizing the facts of your case or representing you in person during your interview.

Here’s the rub.  Most immigration attorney are going to want you to think they have more power than they have.  The reality is that delays in this process are often…some cases can take years.  An experienced immigration attorney may have contacts with personnel inside the USCIS, but this, like any other business relationship, is not something they can lean on all the time.

Finally, the USCIS can often be compared to the IRS.  Yes, they give advice, but this advice is done from immigration representatives that are not necessarily experts in their field, or know all the particulars of your case that might give your situation a better presentation for success.  The point is an immigration attorney is paid to represent you, to advise you of the entire immigration process and to help through the entire immigration process.  Is this a process you can do by yourself?  Yes, absolutely.  But time does have a way of catching up to you.  Become knowledgeable, become resourceful and you can be a big ally to yourself and an immigration attorney if you go down that path.


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